What is total cost per year family must pay? This would include any cop-op fees, property taxes (saw post said around $1000 yearly for $160 K house) and loan repayment for money loaned to build house buy solar cells, etc. Assuming total loan was $150K for house, garage, solar cell grid, barn and well (which I read all are required).

Hypo Scenario – Say you have no savings or job then move to co-op and start home business makes $500 for first 3 months then $1K next 3 months then $1.5k next 3 months but total fees are 2K monthly do you get kicked out first month you can’t make payment or have 6 month grace period? How does it work in detail?

When starting a home based business (if it doesn’t make enough money) is there a guaranteed way to make money that anyone can do in addition if so what?

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