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The Academy, through the webinars, provide personal instruction and association with specialists that know how to and grow their own food. They provide information needed for planning, preparing, planting, growing, harvesting, preserving and using what is grown. They provide instruction on how to take the very worst of soils and turn it into a beautiful garden bed. They teach how to get 3 years of growth from a fruit or nut tree in 1 season. How to take a dry cucumber seed to a plant in 72 hours, this and much more. Here are 10 reasons to grow your own food and have fun doing it:

Superior Flavor

Vegetables and fruit picked and consumed within hours preserves the freshness that is lost when vegetables and fruit that takes days, even weeks to be delivered to your grocery outlet.

Chemical Free

A great many large producers of food are concerned with profits and use chemicals to extend shelf life to allow for shipping and storage.

Food Safety

The US Federal Government estimates that 48 million people get sick from a food-borne illness each year, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. (Source: FDA)

Healthier Eating

Much of today's commercially produced food has been genetically modified. These modifications are often made with little regard to nutrition. Many of these modifications are made strictly for durability to withstand the rigors of shipping.

Outdoor Exercise

The physical activity required to prepare the soil, plant the garden, care fore it and then the harvesting and preparing your food, alone is worth the effort.

Reduction of Food Waste

Growing, harvesting and using only what is needed and wanted dramatically reduces food waste. And then, with a garden recycling any waste that one might have is an added benefit for the next crop suppling nutrition promoting a healthy soil and garden.

Save Money at the Grocery Store

There is an initial up front cost, but once your garden/orchard infrastructure is in place, the savings begins to grow with each harvest.

Food Security

With your own food production in place, trucking strikes, disease outbreaks and any other reason that there might be a disruption to the food supply, you are secure in knowing that you are in control your food supply.

Sense of Pride

There is a freedom that comes with being self-reliant, when it comes to providing for your self and those that you love and care for. A sense of ownership and capability that others do not share.

All the above and more are reasons to take control of your own food source. The Path is a clear way to gain the know-how from individuals who not only know how to produce their own food but are doing so. Many have done it for decades. We at the Academy invite you to join with us in taking the steps needed, networking with our specialists in food production, for the reasons listed above and more and to become self-reliant.

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