Academy of Self-Reliance

The Academy of

There is a freedom that comes with knowing how and being self-reliant. Freedom from ignorance is a new beginning. With that new-found freedom, we can become more than we ever thought possible. We can now envision not only our potential, but our privilege.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a safe, healthy, family-oriented culture of self-reliance through education and research, creating an environment of abundance to bless our own families and those around us. Our intent is to build a foundation of knowledge, skill, and wisdom, coupled with integrity, love, and appreciation for all of God’s creation.

We are committed to creating centers of learning, where we teach the next generation how to teach and be self-reliant, building safe family-friendly communities in a world of uncertainty.

Our invitation is to everyone who wants to learn, to do, and to become self-reliant, stepping away from a lifestyle of dependencies to a safe, healthy culture with like-minded neighbors, as we enter the next great frontier.

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