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Webinar Schedule

Below is a list of our upcoming webinars and a list of a few of our course lessons. The live event for these webinar lessons are free for those that register for the live webinar.  But, there are a few webinars that are free to view–just click on the blue link to watch.

If you want to watch these on demand and have access to the additional lesson resources (i.e. assignments, handouts and journal access) you will need to have an active subscription to “The Path” course. 

If you have not subscribed to the course, please join us by subscribing now.

Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming events at this time

A Few Past Webinars (The Path course lessons)

  1. Introduction to “THE PATH”
  2. My Journey Begins
  3. 2 Acres + 3 Acres = A Lot
  4. Planning Our House w/Passive Solar
  5. Our Barn & Animals
  6. Save $ Alternative Methods & Materials
  7. Our Greenhouse or Walipini
  8. What Do We Want to Grow
  9. Trees for Life – Trees for Profit (view for free)
  10. Building on a Budget: Time & Money
  11. Cottage Industries
  12. Light & Heat Going Green
  13. Water & Sanitation Solutions
  14. Conflict Resolution Strategies
  15. Herbal First Aid Out of Your Garden
  16. The Soil is Alive
  17. How to Start a Home-Based Baking Business
  18. Whole Health Assessment
  19. Personal & Public Safety
  20. Solar Power (view for free)
  21. Water Systems
  22. Building with Earth
  23. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
  24. Equipment Co-op Alternatives
  25. Sheep are Amazing
  26. Path to Optimum Health – Observational Analysis Part 1
  27. Path to Optimum Health – Observational Analysis Part 2
  28. The Path to Optimal Health
  29. Utah OSR Land Co-op
  30. Industrial Hemp – Busting the Myth and Understanding the Marvel
  31. Real Estate Group & Land Update
  32. Profitable Mini Farms
  33. Greenhouse in the Snow (view for free)
  34. Utah OSR Land Co-op – How to participate
  35. A Look into a 5-Acre Hemp Project
  36. The Past, Present and Future
  37. Bees 101 – Miracle Hives
  38. Raising Rabbits for Food & Profit
  39. Bee Forage
  40. Looking Inside the Beehive
  41. Solutions to the Threats for the Honey Bees
  42. The Honey Bee Harvest
  43. The Village Drill
  44. Permaculture 101
  45. Permaculture 101 – Continued
  46. Continuous Prosperity Through Cooperative Free Enterprise
  47. To Till or Not to Till?
  48. How to Select or Create Plans For Your Home
  49. Hydrogen Basics
  50. Worm Farming (view for free)
…and more webinars
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