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Webinar Schedule

Below is a list of upcoming course lessons that will be given as webinars. The live event for these webinar lessons are free for those that register for the live webinar.

However, to watch these on demand and to have access to the additional lesson resources (i.e. assignments, handouts and journal access) you will need to have an active subscription to “The Path” course. 

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Terraculture Project at Riverbed Ranch

Terraculture Project at Riverbed Ranch In this lesson we will discuss: • What is it and how does it apply to self-reliant, sustainable living? • Main components of a terraculture homestead • How to make your own bricks - A very brief introduction Our guest presenters will be Michele Roberts and John Day Click to …

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A Sampling of the Webinar Topics

  1. The Dream / The Plan/ The Project / The Life
  2. The Path / The Research / The Journal
  3. Co-operatives and Their Power
  4. Dependent vs Self-reliant & Interdependent
  5. 2 acres +3 Acres = A Lot
  6. Making the Transition – Looking Ahead
  7. Building on a Budget; Time & Money
  8. Planning the Home
  9. Alternative Building Methods & Materials
  10. Water Solutions
  11. Light / Heat – Going Green
  12. All Stoves Are Not Created Equal
  13. Rocket Mass Heaters
  14. The Soil is Alive
  15. Sanitation Solutions
  16. Planning the Barn & Animals
  17. Trees for Life
  18. Trees for Profit
  19. Planning the Garden with a Purpose
  20. Planning the Greenhouse / Walipini
  21. How to Accelerate Plant & Tree Growth
  22. Plants for Nutrition
  23. Plants for Medicine
  24. Plants for Profit
  25. The Training / The Jobs
  26. Cottage Industries
  27. The Neighborhood
  28. Academy of Self Reliance
  29. K-12 Charter School
  30. Assisted Living / Retirement Center
  31. Life Coach Center
  32. Children Rescue
  33. Equine / Canine Therapy
  34. The Co-op Clinic
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