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Academy OSR Donations

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Academy of Self-Relaince, can accept both cash and non-cash donations (or, donations in-kind).

The donations in-kind can include, but not limited to, land, machinery (i.e. tractors), tools, water shares, etc.

For all donations given, a receipt will be sent to you by email.  Also, at anytime, you can download a history of your donations that can be used for your financial records and tax purposes.

Academy OSR Ropes Course -

Introducing the Academy OSR Ropes Course Project

The Academy of Self-Reliance (a 501-c3 private foundation) is dedicated to helping families become self-reliant. Building blocks for such a lifestyle include knowledge and hands on experience. In addition, healthy mental, emotional and physical qualities are needed for such a lifestyle. To this end, the Academy will be establishing a state-of-the-art 24 station ropes course on our first campus to be located at the Riverbed Ranch of the Utah OSR Land Cooperative in Juab County. Your help with this project is invited and encouraged. It will bless the lives of both the young and the not so young. Click here to visit the Academy OSR Ropes Course for more information.

Perpetual Immigration Fund donations -

The Perpetual Immigration Fund is patterned after the immigration fund that was used to help individuals and families emigrate from Europe to a better life here in the United States. Today there is a tremendous need to help families with limited resources emigrate from the city/urban lifestyle with its dependencies and negative influences on health, and concerns of safety to a rural culture of self-reliance.

Operation Self-Reliance, a cooperative initiative between private enterprise and education, has created a path for those that are willing to put forth the effort and industry required to obtain self-reliance. This path leads to 2 plus acres with a house, a barn, a greenhouse and a garden/orchard. The knowledge and skills needed are available through the Academy of Self-Reliance, a 501c3 non-profit private foundation.

There are many needs and aspects related in becoming self-reliant. Other individuals, privately owned businesses, and professionals have formed a network of resources and services needed to make this transition. These resources and services include health related information and assessments. In addition, workshops and instruction for cottage industries are provided for participants. We invite you to help anyway you can, even becoming a participant or volunteer in this great work assisting families emigrate to a healthier, safer and self-reliant lifestyle.

Note: The foundation accepts donations in kind, land, equipment, water shares and tools are all needed and welcomed. All donations are tax deductible.

Perpetual Land Fund donations -

There are a great many families without the means to extract themselves from the brutal dependencies found in our city/urban lifestyles. The costs of housing, public utilities and the constant fear from unstable environments and neighborhoods leave these families in a survival mode.

In 2018 private enterprise and education joined together in Operation Self-Reliance. Through this cooperation a path way out of these challenging environments and into a country culture, being debt free, with a home, a barn, a greenhouse and a garden/orchard on 2 plus acres without the dependencies associated with public utilities, was created. Thus, allowing them to become self-reliant among like-minded neighbors for a fraction of the cost associated with current for-profit endeavors. The Perpetual Land Fund has been established to help accelerate their transition. By purchasing larger tracts of rural land and water, the costs are greatly reduced, thus allowing a much lower entry level for participation.

We invite you to participate in Operation Self-Reliance. Together we can make a difference and change the outcome for these struggling families who only want a chance and are willing to do the work. May we all lift where we can for a better, healthier and happier environment to raise families.

Note: The foundation accepts donations in kind, land, equipment, water shares and tools are all needed and welcomed. All donations are tax deductable.

General Fund -
General Donations made to the Academy of Self-Reliance are used for direct expenses associated with workshops, seminars, classes and other related activities in the education and research linked to helping individuals and families achieve self-reliance. Every dollar is carefully allocated to do the most good in promoting self-reliance.
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