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There is a freedom that comes with knowing how and being self-reliant. Freedom from ignorance is a new beginning. With that new-found freedom, we can become more than we ever thought possible. We can now envision not only our potential, but our privilege.

Our story

Our story is the creation of a path for families to transition from a city lifestyle of dependence to a country culture of self-reliance, living in a community of like minded people. The first steps for helping these families are as follows:

  1. Help define what it is they want
  2. Help them assess what they have in terms of knowledge and resources
  3. Help them devise a plan to achieve what they want, starting with what they have
  4. Help them execute their plan

As tools we use:

  • Weekly webinar lessons with Q&A at the end of each live lesson
  • Content review of each lesson including a searchable transcript
  • Additional relevant resources associated with each topic
  • Personalized journal to create a record of the journey down the path
  • Forum for questions and answers
  • Assessment tools
  • Calculators for building costs, production capabilities, and other needed activities
  • Newsletter for current events and project progress as well as the introduction of specialists who contribute content, Ambassadors, and Facilitators.
  • Assigned facilitators to coordinate online focus group conversation and networking
  • Ambassadors who promote the Academy in person or with online introductions and in-home cottage meetings
  • Recognition activities to highlight achievement
  • Schedule of workshops available for hands on experience

Our end goal is to help families to remain debt free while building:

  1. Energy efficient home,
  2. Barn,
  3. Greenhouse
  4. Garden and orchard,
  5. Water supply,
  6. Alternative energy sources, and
  7. Sanitation system.

The Academy has partnered with OSR Green, LLC to assist families in a joint enterprise to purchase land for the development of a self-reliant and interdependent community in 5 locations. The first is to be in Utah. The others to follow may include Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and one near Cardston, Canada. For more information regarding Operation Self-Reliance go to

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a safe, healthy, family-oriented culture of self-reliance through education and research, creating an environment of abundance to bless our own families and those around us. Our intent is to build a foundation of knowledge, skill, and wisdom, coupled with integrity, love, and appreciation for all of God’s creation.

We are committed to creating centers of learning, where we teach the next generation how to teach and be self-reliant, building safe family-friendly communities in a world of uncertainty.

Our invitation is to everyone who wants to learn, to do, and to become self-reliant, stepping away from a lifestyle of dependencies to a safe, healthy culture with like-minded neighbors, as we enter the next great frontier.

An introduction to what we do

Watch OSR Green's video "Introduction of The Path".  This video will give an overview of "The Projects". It will show a path to:

  • being debt free
  • being off the grid--going green
  • being self-reliant
  • being with like-minded friends--your neighbors
  • being in a country culture

To read more about the Utah OSR Land Co-op, visit its page on and see how we are making a difference in creating a self-reliant homestead.

Here's more of what we do...

We Facilitate

The Academy uses facilitators to enable groups of 10 or less individuals and families to explore the possibilities of becoming self-reliant and to help them gain footing for a new beginning. Our facilitating approach is one of acknowledging the strengths found in each team member, learning how to counsel with one another, and encouraging taking responsibility for our own actions. It is when we obtain an understanding of the possibilities we have as individuals that we realize the power found in being interdependent with other self-reliant people.
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We Speak

We have a message, a truth for those that seek a change, an opportunity to throw off the bondage of debt, freedom from many of the snares found in today’s life-styles being spot-lighted as the next new vogue thing. Including, freedom from those that would have you addicted or dependent upon their products and services. We use every forum available to invite any who desire a change to come and consider another approach, other possibilities.
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We Write

“Creating your legacy” - Journaling one’s journey creates a legacy that every successful culture has found essential in providing a foundation for the next generation. Here at the Academy we provide an online journal with the ability to add pictures and videos of each families’ journey down their path to self-reliance and on to interdependence. The Academy provides a forum for questions and answers as well an opportunity to look at some of the complexities found in becoming self-reliant. Writing and sharing our experiences opens new possibilities for each of us. Three minds working on the same problem greatly expands the possibilities for success. Just imagine the power of 250 minds working on overcoming the same challenges. The opportunities for success are limitless.
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We Research

Research gives credibility and value to an event that would otherwise pass away in obscurity, had it not been examined. How many times as a society have we gone from experience to experience, often getting the same results, wishing for a different outcome? Research becomes a means to achieve better outcomes. Here at the Academy we value all the data. It is from a review of the data that we can develop more productive and desirable outcomes. Being self-reliant is more than acquiring knowledge and the skill to use it. It is gaining the understanding and wisdom to know when to use it. The product of study and research is that understanding and wisdom.
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