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Operation Self-Reliance Research Project OSR Green, LLC & Academy of Self-Reliance Research Partnership (A joint venture between private enterprise and education.) The purpose is to determine the baseline requirements for a family to transition from a city/urban lifestyle to a country culture remaining debt free on 2 acres with a home, a barn, a greenhouse and a garden/orchard being self-reliant. In addition, another 3+ acres held in joint ownership with other participants providing employment and additional resources needed to maintain quality of life The Proposal is to establish 5 pilot projects with a minimum of 250 family participants at each of the to be determined locations. These facilities are to be established in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Cardston Canada. Furthermore, it is proposed that a 5-step process be implemented in establishing each location with selected participants.
  1. Identify and network potential participants
  2. Thru education and assessments assist the participants develop a viable plan to make the transition from the city/urban lifestyle to the country culture remaining debt free, with a house, a barn, a greenhouse, a garden/orchard and becoming self-reliant.
  3. Thru education and facilitators help participants establish their cottage industry.
  4. Qualifying and organizing participants into primary land cooperatives which they will own and operate.
  5. Help facilitate the transition.
The research project will last 60 months.
  • 36 months will be implementing the 4 steps.
  • 24 moths collecting data
    • How each participant’s plan worked?
    • How durable their infrastructure was?
Data to be collected throughout the process via an online journal and periodic assessments. Data will be gathered and analyzed. A paper will be prepared for publication on the results and conclusions. Needed: Online resources to:
  1. Network participants and facilitators
  2. Provide an educational series that provides a path way for:
    1. Creating a viable plan to make the transition
    2. Online journal
    3. Online forum
    4. Online video conferencing for focus groups
    5. Online portal connecting
      1. participants to needed resources
      2. making participants’ cottage industry goods and services available to consumers
    6. Individuals to compile the data
    7. Analysts to organize and interpret the data
    8. Writers to compile the reports and data for publication
    9. I.T. to post the results online for future participants review
Academy of Self-Reliance Research Project Health Perspective of Research Purpose: To obtain a baseline measure of health of each adult member followed up by an interim health analysis and concluded with a final health analysis. Proposal: To view and track the physical and emotional health and well being of each member of the community to assess the changes from a city lifestyle to a country culture. Upon acceptance to become a member of the community each adult participant should undergo a health evaluation to include:
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) and percent body fat
  • Basic Vital signs – Blood Pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Seven day dietary journal
  • Mental/Emotional Health survey
  • Functional Fitness Assessment
  • History to include prescribed medications, disabilities, family history
  • Reassessment at 2 years after living in community
Final Assessment after 5 years of living in community Data will be gathered and analyzed. A paper will be prepared for publication of results and conclusions. Needed:
  • Trained professionals to gather health assessment information
  • Statistician to analyze data
  • Technical writer to prepare research for publication
Recommendations: A team should be assembled to oversee health research project and to hire or assign individuals needed for the successful completion of the project.
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