Academy of Self-Reliance

Whole Health Group Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist those who enter the community to find true healing in body, mind and spirit as they transition from an urban/suburban lifestyle to a rural agrarian cooperative culture.

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To assist with this mission, we will create a health center with skilled providers and a support staff. Teams of providers will work together to determine the optimal care for individuals. All aspects of health and healing will be addressed, including by not limited to: Physical disorders and pre-existing health conditions, Nutrition, Emotional and stress management, lifestyle and interpersonal skills training, Fitness plans and programs and time management training. All of this in positive fun ways recognizing effort and success. It is our goal to provide structured and unstructured opportunities on all levels of care promoting physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and occupational health and well-being so that residents can maximize their independence, self-reliance and quality of a cooperative life in a rural culture.


In order to accomplish our goal, we have created a Pathway to Health that will empower individuals with the tools and resources to become healthy and whole.  

The Pathway includes:

  1. Taking Ownership of Personal Health
  2. Education to Increase Awareness of What Creates Health
  3. Assessments to Determine Current Level of Health
  4. Determine Personal Goals
  5. Select Health Provider(s)
  6. Implement Basic Health Practices (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Balance, Detoxification)
  7. Address Unique Health Concerns
  8. Reassess and Evaluate Progress

Tools and resources available:

  1. Health Mentors
  2. Webinar Education Series
  3. Practitioner Dashboard
  4. Personalized Journal to Record Journey
  5. Recognition and Celebration of Achievements
  6. Forum to Contact Other Participants
  7. Q&A Forum with Practitioners
  8. Assessment Tools
  9. Newsletter with Announcements and Helpful Tips

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