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Utah OSR Land Co-op

The Academy of Self-Reliance has partnered with the Utah OSR Land Cooperative to provide education to its co-op members in helping them become self-reliant.

The Utah OSR Land Co-op is located on the Riverbed Ranch property about 55 miles west of Santaquin and about 40 miles north of Delta. The property is 1,245 acres. It’s about 3 miles long (North to South) and about 3/4 miles wide.

Here is a link to the property on Google Maps: 39.888199, -112.815083

To read more about the Utah OSR Land Co-op, visit its page on and see how we are making a difference in creating a self-reliant homestead.

Watch our introduction as we discuss the transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture of self-reliance.

4 thoughts on “Utah OSR Land Co-op”

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    Can a modular/manufactured home be brought in if you purchase you two acres and get approval? Onsite septic and water well would have to be done. And solar on the roof so that it is completely off the grid. Also, if you put in a yard is it watered from you culinary or is there secondary water?

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      You could only do it by building a complete new envelope around the outside … i.e., block up exterior walls with compressed earth blocks and build then high enough to construct a new roof strong enough to support 9″ to 12″ of earth … God forbid you don’t try to add that much insulation instead … the trade off is not attractive to Sustainability but CEB and Green Roof would do the trick!

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    IF (and only if) the modular/manufactured home can be built so that it’s R-value for the walls is 40-50, and 90-100 for the ceilings, then yes.

    We’d also recommend planning your home using principles of passive solar heating, geothermal heating/cooling, and a backup heat source for those long overcast winter weeks that happen occasionally. Also, your house has to pass the Juab County building inspector, who uses the International Building Code.

    The only water available for your farm will come from your well.

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