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Utah OSR Land Co-op

The Academy of Self-Reliance has partnered with the Utah OSR Land Cooperative to provide education to its co-op members in helping them become self-reliant.

The Utah OSR Land Co-op is located on the Riverbed Ranch property about 55 miles west of Santaquin and about 40 miles north of Delta. The property is 1,245 acres. It’s about 3 miles long (North to South) and about 3/4 miles wide.

Here is a link to the property on Google Maps: 39.888199, -112.815083

To read more about the Utah OSR Land Co-op, visit its page on and see how we are making a difference in creating a self-reliant homestead.

Watch our introduction as we discuss the transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture of self-reliance.

4 thoughts on “Utah OSR Land Co-op”

    1. Philip Gleason

      Thank you for your interest. To find out more regarding participation, you can contact Jesse Fisher via Facebook Academy of Self-Reliance or email me at Either one of us will be happy to provide that information or assist in anyway we can.

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    Richard Alan Pierce

    I am very interested, but it will be an effort to convince my wife that we should make this commitment. I have been looking for land for quite some time now where I could build a net-zero home, a greenhouse (preferably a chinese, passive solar greenhouse) and build a business that I could work from home. I am a person of less than average financial means, so the Utah OSR project sounds like it is right up my alley.
    You’ve mentioned CEB block construction…will the coop or the construction group have a compressed earth block press available? And, will there be crews to make those blocks? Has the soil tests come back as to the viability of creating CEB’s from the present soil?
    I’d like to use some less-than-conventional construction methods, but I would be concerned about county acceptance of them. For instance, I would like to use earth tubes to condition the incoming air into my home. Even the CEB’s might be something the county would take longer than usual to pass off.
    As for the (5 year? 10 year?) plan that we need to submit, are there resources to help put that together? Are there specific requirements for that plan?
    I know I’ve thrown a lot of questions out there, and I am sure I will have significantly more questions, But I am very excited about what you have put together and want to learn as much as I can.
    Thank you,
    Rick Pierce

    1. Philip Gleason

      Thank you for your interest and questions. Regarding CEB (compressed earth blocks), the Utah OSR Land Cooperative will probably not be purchasing a CEB press, however there are several individuals that are very interested in that type of construction and are having soil tests performed with various mixes. One of the OSR partners, OSR Green, LLC has incorporated a structural engineer. Once there is conclusive structural evidence of the viability of the soil-crete the engineer will be able to define what it will take to meet the building codes.
      All building plans must be approved prior to submission to the county building department. The reasons for this is to help the shareholder provide the county with plans that meet all of the county requirements. In addition, the review is to help determine that the home will meet the passive solar requirements of using zero or near zero energy for heating and cooling.
      The time requirements associated with the shareholder membership agreement are: The shareholder has 6 months to submit their plan which includes what they are going to build, their budget, the scope of work and time they anticipate it will take them. The shareholder has up to two years receive a building permit from the county and 12 months after that to receive a certificate of occupancy from the county. That is a total 36 months to make the transition. And yes there are resources to help with creating your plan and reviewing it.
      The Academy of Self-Reliance has online courses to help with the learning process as well as scheduled hands-on-workshop. The Academy is a 501–c3 private foundation dedicated to helping those like yourself. There is a monthly fee of $27.50 to access the online courses.
      My suggestion is to follow the Facebook Academy of Self-Reliance pages for the OSR events and activities. This will provide for more information. Also, I encourage you, if you are serious, to enroll in the courses. The first 20 webinar assignment will literally help you create your plan.

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