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The Path

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“The Path,” as it is called, provides for the need to network with and even join with like-minded individuals and families. The Path provides resources to gain the knowledge and skill sets needed to create a self-sustaining parcel of land, with a home, a barn, a greenhouse, a garden and orchard. Including, a water supply, alternative energy sources and sanitation. A third need provided for is a strategy to purchase the land at a cost that is not prohibitive to those with at least some resources. The fourth need provided for is how to organize and implement such an enterprise.

It was from those needs that Operation Self-Reliance Green was born and the Academy of Self-Reliance was brought in to being. The first finds and networks individuals and families with others that are like-minded. In addition, Operation Self-Reliance provides a strategy through a cooperative enterprise to enable a group of individuals and families to purchase land at a more affordable price. Furthermore, this strategy provide a means to leverage the purchasing and production capacity of a large group verses that of a single family. The Academy of Self-Reliance provides the knowledge and teaches the skill sets needed to bring such project together, from knowing what to build and create, assessing what is needed or lacking and the creation of a plan to bring it about. The Academy also participates in research, always looking to streamline the path and add elements of instruction that will better help families transition from a city life-style to a country culture of self-reliance.

In conclusion, it has become apparent that when a group of individuals become self-reliant with like-minded individuals, they become interdependent. They can do more collectively, than they could ever do independently. “The path” is networking with like-minded people, gaining the knowledge and skills needed to be self-reliant and coming together in a cooperative enterprise that affords a culture of peace. We invite all to consider the possibilities found on “The Path.”

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