Academy of Self-Reliance

The Path to Self-Reliance

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Create Your Unique Path to Greater Self-Reliance!

The Path,” is an educational course designed to help families achieve whatever degree of self-reliance they desire – whether that is to just enhance their gardening skills, or, all the way to creating a fully off-grid self-reliance homestead.

  • This course is a series of self-reliance lessons containing webinars, assignments, handouts, etc.

  • The first 24 lessons are to guide you through the process of creating a detailed and well-thought-out plan to create a self-sustaining modern homestead on any parcel of land, with a home, a barn, a greenhouse, a garden and orchard, including, a water supply, alternative energy sources and sanitation.

  • All the lessons after the 24th are a smorgasbord of informative webinars from which you can pick and choose, designed to introduce you to various aspects of self-reliance. These webinars can serve to enhance your homesteading plan, or simply give you ideas to apply in your existing situation.

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