Academy of Self-Reliance

Solar-energy Purchase Questionnaire

Dear friends,

We are in the process of building our purchasing co-ops to provide substantial discounts on the purchase of materials and supplies.  In addition, there can be discounts due to volume purchases for appliances, building materials and the list goes on.

One of our first discounts is for solar-energy equipment.  We have selected Sol-Ark as a supplier for solar inverters, solar panels and batteries.  One of the unique features of their products is that they are EMP and lightning hardened.  You can visit their website at

To increase our discounts we are needing to combine our purchases.  We can get improved discounts if we place an order for 10 or more units.  And at 20 or more units, we receive a larger discount.

If you are thinking of purchasing solar-energy equipment, whether for your new home, existing home, friend’s home, camping, etc…, please fill out the questionnaire below so that we can combine our orders and get big savings.

This is not a commitment to purchase at this time.  We are only getting a list of potential buyers and when they are considering buying solar-energy equipment.

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