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What Is Compost?

It’s important to understand that the term “compost” is used to describe many things. Compost is actually the brown stable organic matter remaining at the end of the decaying (composting) process. Pure compost is not the same as “multi-purpose compost”.

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What is Humus?

Humus is the remnants of decaying organic material. It is a great addition to your garden as it helps improve soil structure, increases soil water retention and encourages greater nutrient uptake.

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Can I Compost Rhubarb Leaves?

Rhubarb produces some delicious stalks for pies but the leaves should not be eaten because of their poisonous content. So can these poisonous leaves can be safely composted?

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How to Compost Grass?

You can compost grass and lawn cuttings in the HOTBIN. We recommend adding bulking agent to the HOTBIN when you add large quantities of grass.

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