Today we celebrate the freedom claimed here in America 243 years ago from the tyranny of a king. Today we also celebrate our claim of freedom from a lifestyle of dependence by planting the first crop for the newly established Utah OSR Land Cooperative. Self-reliance, just like all freedoms, requires action to claim them. With all freedoms come responsibilities, which require a clear knowledge of what is wanted, a plan of action, and the effort required to bring it all into a reality.


As we continue following our plan of action for the property, water from a second well is now available with a third and fourth well to follow, all within a few weeks. Each well will supply water to a thirsty land and help create several beautiful oases with living gardens and trees. These several oases will result from a plan put into action to bring forth trees, vegetation and structures for families to begin their journey to self-reliance.


We celebrate the 4th of July with all it represents and how it affects our decisions to become free from dependence. We also celebrate all those who have come together with time, money and resources to make the Utah OSR Land Cooperative a reality. This reality is paving the way for hundreds more to be able to make the transition from a city lifestyle of dependence to a country culture of self-reliance, free from debt, not connected to any public utilities, and all this with like-minded neighbors.


God speed,

Philip J. Gleason




Happy Fourth of July!

We are in the process of providing a discount for solar-energy equipment.  We have selected Sol-Ark as a supplier.

To increase our discounts we are needing to combine our purchases.  We can get improved discounts if we place an order for 10 or more units.  And at 20 or more units, we receive an even larger discount.

If you are thinking of purchasing solar-energy equipment, whether for your new home, existing home, friend’s home, camping, etc…, please fill out our online questionnaire so that we can combine our orders and get big savings.

This is not a commitment to purchase at this time.  We are only getting a list of 
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Have a great week! - The AOSR Team
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