Letter From The Director


This spring has brought a lot of welcomed moisture, but with a lot of rain, there can be challenges or even hazards. One of those hazards is getting stuck in the mud. Getting stuck in the mud and being alone can be very challenging, but, with a little help, we can generally get out of a tough situation. We find a similar situation with all of the busyness required to keep up with our city lifestyles and like dealing with mud, we sometimes need the help of others to get out of a tough situation. Especially if our goals are to become self-reliant.

Choosing with whom we associate and choosing related activities that are connected to our goals is a significant step in achieving those goals of being self-reliant.


A self-reliant culture goes contrary to much of society’s built-in dependencies. Our dependencies on water, food, electricity, fuel, sanitation and more consume much of our resources, with little or no say in dependability and at times quality. Here lies the challenge. Taking a path to self-reliance is much like getting help to get out of the mud.


Choosing with whom you associate and incorporating activities that promote your goals need to be a priority if you truly desire the freedom that comes with being self-determined. There are examples all around us of individuals and groups of individuals breaking away from their city lifestyle dependencies.  


Join us in our Path to Self-Reliance, along with a Path to Optimum Health. Associate with amazing accomplished people seeking a similar lifestyle. Connect with us at academyosr.com and osrcommunity.com. In addition, consider participating in the Utah OSR Land Coop where people are walking the talk. 


God speed,

Philip J. Gleason



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Industrial Hemp:
Busting the Myth and Understanding the Marvel
5.30.19 @7pm MST
Does that "H" word scare you?
Did you know Hemp can be used for building materials, canvas, rope, paper, etc?
Ready to learn the real truth about Hemp?

Join us tonight and find out!

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-The Academy Of Self-Reliance Team
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