Letter (And Pictures!) From The Director

Spring cleanup is in full swing at the Utah OSR Land Co-op. Tumbleweeds are being taken care of. Shareholders are moving equipment to the property and work is beginning in earnest. It is indeed an exciting time.

Months of learning and planning are now taking shape in the real physical world. This next step will provide tangible evidence of what is possible and allow others to take heart and press forward in creating and implementing their plans.

We will continue to post weekly updates of the various activities, such as the planting of the first industrial hemp crop that is being grown for CBD oil.

Our survey is well underway, and we are looking forward to having a complete site map, with which we will be able to start laying out the two-acre parcels and locations for the seven special support projects, in addition, establish where it would be best to locate the RV & Campground.

Follow the path. Determine what it is that you want. Do your assessments to understand where you are physically, financially,  and knowledge wise. Then you can create a viable plan to make the transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture of self-reliance, among like-minded neighbors. Don’t delay, there is too much fun to be had.

God speed,

Philip Gleason


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