Letter From The Director

We are excited to announce that negotiations for the 1,245-acre farm have successfully concluded. The due diligence phase is in progress and closing is anticipated on or before the 29th of April.  A surveyor has been retained and a master plan for the property is in the works. 


There are plans and arrangements being made for a cash crop to be planted on the current shareholders' 2-acre parcels, with hopes of it being planted sometime in the middle of May. With the acquisition of this first property, Operation Self-Reliance is transforming from a concept to a tangible project in real time. 


Acquiring land for the co-operatives is but one step in the process. We need to always remember the objective of each step. That objective is becoming self-reliant, and being debt free, with like-minded neighbors.  Following the “Path Series” makes this objective or goal possible by providing the needed knowledge and the required skills to create and implement a plan to be able to make the transition from the city lifestyle of dependencies to the desired country culture of self-reliance.


In the coming days, weeks, and months the project team will continue developing this property into a viable co-operative enterprise. We will be hosting a “First Look” open house at the property on the 27th of April. This event is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  There will be a meet and greet potluck picnic with a presentation on the development process. This is a great opportunity to see the "before" condition. The RSVP link is found below.


On the 18th of May, we will be holding our 1st Super Saturday on site. This will be a family event. For those that want to come the Friday before and camp out, there will be an evening program Friday night around a campfire. There will be temporary toilet facilities, but you will be responsible for your own water and food. There is a need to RSVP for this event, so we can be properly prepared.  Additional information will be forthcoming. 


There is much to do in preparing every needful thing until all is safely gathered in. For those interested in obtaining more information regarding this property, the Utah OSR Land Co-op and the 250 shares associated with it, please email me at philipgleason1@gmail.com.


God Speed,

Philip J. Gleason


Click here to RSVP if attending this Saturday's open house
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