Letter From The Director

I am pleased to announce that the Utah OSR Land Co-op has made an offer on 1,200+ acres with water rights to 2,800-acre feet of water and multiple wells in Juab County.

We have been notified by the listing agent that our offer is pretty close, but the owner wants to verify his costs regarding several conditions associated with our offer. This is a very exciting mile stone in Operation Self-Reliance and represents that our list of participants is growing, and resources are being gathered.


In addition, as our list of participants continues to grow and expand, our search for additional properties in other locations continues forward. It is now time to start the next phase in OSR, and that is the qualifying of participants and their plans and begin the organization of each of the Primary Land Co-ops. Our Super Saturdays, from here on out, will have additional presentations on the steps required for each family as they submit their plans that has been generated with their involvement in the Path Series of the Academy. 


These plans are to be qualified by the OSR Real-Estate and Construction Groups for viability and acceptance into any of the land co-ops. This assessment is part of the means insuring families will be successful with the implementation of their plans. 


As introduced in the Path Series, the P.I.E.R. method is employed where the family creates their plan, implementing it first on paper, then evaluating it, making changes as needed and again reimplementing on paper until a viable plan is conceived that fits the scope of work with the resources available and the time allotted.


This is a cooperative effort between the families and professionals that know and understand what it takes for a family to make the transition from the city lifestyles to the country culture of self-reliance remaining debt free. There is help and encouragement for families that may have limited resources but are willing to participate in the Path Series and do the work required to make the transition to a culture of self-reliance.


This is an exciting time, as the project gathers momentum, moving forward, you are encouraged to get engaged with the Path Series and create your plan. As properties are secured, the choice of the 2 acres parcels is based on first come first served. For more information regarding participation in the OSR Land Co-ops or hosting a cottage meeting for you, your family and friends to learn more about OSR; contact us through the following link. https://academyosr.com/contact/


God Speed


Philip J. Gleason

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