Letter From The Director

Wow, it has been an eventful week with Operation Self-Reliance here in Utah. The Real-Estate Group continues to vet properties and prepare a path, paving the way for families to make their transition to a country culture of self-reliance. This group of men has visited multiple properties, seeking the right combination of soil, water, location, physical access, cost and much more. In fact, two properties came close to meeting these qualifications. One was without sufficient water and the other was hampered by distance and poor road conditions. 


This exercise is also demonstrating the awesome power of counseling together. Each of the five men brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. With this diverse group the ability to really look at a specific property in so many different ways, while counseling together in a positive manner. This allows for a successful outcome while avoiding short-sightedness that would doom a location in the long run.


In addition, the Academy continues to add content and webinars to the Path Series, which includes the Path to Optimum Health.


There is much for each one of us to do in preparing ourselves and families to make the transition when the time and place are right, whether it is in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona or Cardston, Canada. I invite all to actively cultivate their dreams and plans for complete self-reliance. Share the vision with those that you would have as a like-minded neighbor. Pressing forward with real intent, taking little steps each day is the key to success.


God speed,

Philip J Gleason



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Rammed Earth

Wait, what?

What in the world is rammed earth?

Is it parts of the earth that rams graze on?

Is it dirt that's been rammed by a meteor?

Or is it a home building material that's super inexpensive?

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