Stop The Presses! Sol-Ark Has Joined Our Team!
You're gonna want to sit down for this one! We are beyond thrilled to announce our newest partner in Operation Self-Reliance and the Academy, Sol-Ark, the premier solar energy systems manufacturer. We've been so impressed with this company, and are excited to have them join our team to help our families obtain their self-reliant dreams! We will soon have their products listed in our co-op store, so stay tuned!
And to make things even more exciting, Tom Brennan the managing engineer will be presenting tonight’s webinar “Solar Power.” We invite all to join us this evening! Keep reading for more details below.
Letter From The Director
Our Super Saturday was just that, “Super.” There were four different presentations on various building methods and materials that all provide superior energy conservation at a savings. Tiffany Daumueller introduced the OSR Women’s Group and Dr. Kyle Christensen finished the day with “Clues About Your Health, Through Your Eyes, Nails and Hair.” All in all, it was a Super Saturday.
The Academy, along with our partners sponsors several outreach programs, such as, Super Saturdays, Introductory Cottage Meetings, Specialty Workshops and online events to network likeminded individuals and families with essential resources that support self-reliance. This is all in preparation for families to transition from the city lifestyle of dependency to a debt free country culture of self-reliance, with like-minded neighbors.
As this work goes on the search for properties that will support communities of 250 families is under way. One 1,550-acre property has been identified north of Eagar, AZ and a price has been negotiated with the owner. Another 1,200-acre parcel in central Utah is under review with an offer in the works. Our intent is to start construction this year, which will mark the beginning of a thirty-six-month project  helping families make the transition.
The OSR Correlation Council, made up of  professionals with expertise in real-estate, construction, agriculture and health, has, for several months now, been coordinating the above activities. There is a great deal of excitement. Our numbers continue to grow. We invite you to join us in Operation Self-Reliance and get on the “Path.” For more information about the “Path” check out the links below.
God Speed,
Philip J. Gleason
What is The Path? Click here to find out more!
This Week's Webinar
3.21.19 @7pm MST

Solar Power

What makes up a solar power system?

Can you really prepare for an EMP or solar flare?

Where do you start?

What makes Sol-Ark our first choice for solar power?

Can I take my solar system with me when I move?

Join us and find out!

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Have a great week!
-The Academy Of Self-Reliance Team
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