Letter from the Director
A man asked me what dependencies I was referring to when I talked about a city lifestyle of dependencies. These were and are my responses: Are you free to determine where your water comes from and what is in it? Are you free to determine what is in your food and how it is grown? Are you free to determine where your utilities and fuel come from? Are you free to determine what your school is teaching your children? And above all, how are the private and public suppliers going to take care of your needs when there is an extended power outage that is either man-made or an act of nature? The government, in multiple congressional and military studies, tells us that it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN there will be an extended power outage that could last week, months or years.

In addition, the above does not even address needed medications and treatments. We have had multiple acts of nature with hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or winter ice storms that disrupt these services for weeks at a time. These concerns are not the figment of a paranoid imagination. They happen and they are happening at an ever-increasing rate. So, the question lingers, “What are the options for dealing with the possibility of the above?”

In my opinion, there are two. Either continue being dependent on others, no matter how tenuous their systems are, or become self-reliant. Becoming self-reliant requires time and effort. However, it is obtainable, not from a single book or a few YouTube videos,  but from an extended granular process. That is piece by piece, through a consistent, well thought out plan that brings all of the pieces together. Again, that is principle upon principle, line upon line, a little here and a little there until there is not only a foundation, but also a structure that is solid with proven methods and materials.

If you are not already participating in the Path Series and would like to create such a foundation and a solid structure, we invite you to do so. Self-Reliance is essential to freedom. For without it you are bound down with dependencies.

God Speed,
Philip J. Gleason
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Mar 8 @ 7pm - Utah Cottage Meeting
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Mar 16 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT
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Apr 13 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

May 4 Online Cottage Industries Fair

Oct 11 Online Cottage Industries Fair

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Latest News from the Academy OSR Team
We continue to hear positive results from those who have chosen to participate in our Path to Self-Reliance. Now, with the introduction of our “Path to Optimum Health,” an essential element for self-reliance, we continue to add to our list of resources. Our workshops and Super Saturdays bring together professionals and specialists that share a wealth of knowledge. This knowledge ranges from construction methods and materials that reduce costs and provide premium efficiency and beauty, to knowledge and resources required to sustain a high quality of life with food and other needed resources. Furthermore, there is the social aspect of meeting new like-minded families and friends.

Join us this Saturday. We are holding our third Indoor Micro-Green Farm Workshop in the morning from 10- 11 am in Pleasant Grove. Then from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm at our Super Saturday in the Highland Community Center will be a host of presenters addressing alternative construction methods & material, real estate issues, and our OSR Women’s Group. A Meet & Greet Potluck will be between 6-7 pm where you can visit with any and all. The evening portion will include a Panel Discussion where the audience can ask any  questions pertaining to Operation Self-Reliance, with a final presentation by Dr. Christensen, “Assessing your Health in the Mirror.” We hope to see you there.

The Academy of Self-Reliance Team
Have a great week!
-The Academy Of Self-Reliance Team
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