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Last weekend’s Super Saturday was filled with a wonderful assortment of solutions for achieving optimum health. Steve Mark’s Indoor Micro Green Garden that produces 1-2 lbs. of live food every day was introduced and on display. All you do is plant and harvest. The rest is automatic. Then Dr. Christensen introduced the Blood Analysis Survey that helps identify potential health challenges that need to be addressed on our Path to Optimum Health. His “More Years to Your Life & More Life to Your Years” presentation was not only informative but full of practical solutions. 


Operation Self-Reliance continues to roll forward helping families prepare to move from a city lifestyle of dependence to a country culture of self-reliance with like-minded neighbors. This evening's live broadcast is one that will unlock the mystery to understanding your garden soil. We will address what is required for an optimum growing environment, how to test it, and how to modify the soil for a garden that jumps out of the ground.


In addition, our next Super Saturday on March 16 will introduce multiple methods & materials that can be used to create a Zero Energy Home for heating and cooling. Jeff Weaver, a building contractor, will present information about the ICF System (insulated concrete forms) and the many advantages this system offers. There will be information on rammed earth wall construction, compressed earth blocks and samples of both. An “All Weather Wood Foundation” system will be on display, as well, which is one third the price and twice the life expectancy of concrete. This system has been part of the Residential Building Code for over 50 years.


There will be several other presentations all associated with the project and the construction of homes, barns, and greenhouses. The evening will conclude with a panel of professional builders, engineers and project managers ready to answer your questions and concerns. Come and join us for a fun and fact-filled day, March 16. RSVP for the workshops and the Super Saturday Program. 


God speed,

Philip J Gleason



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Tonight's Webinar
2.21.19 @7pm MST

The Soil Is Alive

Unlock the mystery to understanding your garden soil!

What is required for an optimum growing environment?

How do you test it?

How do you modify the soil for a garden that jumps out of the ground?

Join us and find out!

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Mar 1 @ 7pm - Utah Cottage Meeting
Steve Mark's home
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Mar 8 @ 7pm - Idaho Cottage Meeting
Mark Robey's home
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Preston, ID 83263

Mar 16 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

Apr 13 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

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