Letter From The Director

On October 4th, 2018 a non-profit foundation was created for the Academy of Self-Reliance and Operation Self-Reliance was launched. What an amazing 3 and ½ months it has been. Our website www.academyosr.com is in full operation with the 12th session of The Path Series being broadcast this evening and many more to come.


Operation Self-Reliance (helping families transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture, remaining debt free with a house, a barn, a greenhouse and a garden/orchard living among like-minded neighbors) is in full swing. In addition, the research project, being sponsored by OSR Green, LLC, and the Academy has started data collection via online journals associated with members of the Academy participating in “The Path Series.“


Furthermore, the four phases of Operation Self-Reliance are in play:

  1. Identifying and networking participants with needed resources and other like-minded individuals,
  2. Educating individuals & families with needed knowledge and skills associated with being self-reliant,
  3. Qualifying and organizing individuals and families into Primary Land Co-operatives,
  4. Facilitating the transition from the city to the country culture,


We have a Correlation Council with 18 members, whose backgrounds range from a pharmacist, whole health practitioners, engineers, I.T. specialists, those with agriculturalists and those with construction skills and abilities. This council continues to grow. Properties in two of the 5 states that we will have pilot projects established have been identified. These locations are north of Eager, AZ, and north of Ephraim, UT. There is much to be done to acquire these and additional properties, but plans are in place and the work is moving forward.


Our first workshop and Super Saturday were wonderful successes. Others are scheduled, including two online Home-Based Cottage Industry Fairs. One for the first Saturday in May and the other for the 2nd Saturday in October. Our next Micro Green Production and Super Saturday will be held on the 16th of February. Space is limited for the workshop, so you will want to RSVP early.


We continue to schedule our Introductory Cottage Meetings. If you have a desire to attend one or hold one in your home for family and friends, please send the request via the Contact Tab on the Academy website. These are currently being held in AZ, UT, and Idaho.


In addition, the Perpetual Land Fund (to assist in the purchase of a large tract of land) and the Perpetual Immigration Fund (to help families to make the transition to self-reliance on 2 acres of land). These were created to hasten the work by those that have a desire to help families make the transition to becoming self-reliant.


Shortly the OSR Today online magazine will be published and the introduction of OSRCommunity.com will be made. It is an exciting time. We invite all to come and look for yourselves. Explore the possibilities. There is a bright future for those who are willing to learn and do.


God Speed,


Philip J Gleason






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Light, Heat, and Going Green

In this lesson we will discuss Rocket mass heaters, Passive solar ventilation & overhangs, Sub-earth heating & cooling tubes, Recycled glass bottles, and Utilizing mass heat-sinks and outside air for combustion & positive pressure for comfort.

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Here's what we're up to for the next little while!

Jan 26 Introduction to Operation Self-Reliance in Fairview, UT
(Additional presentations being scheduled in Idaho & Arizona during February & March)

Feb 16 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

Mar 16 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

Apr 13 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

May 4 Online Cottage Industries Fair

Oct 11 Online Cottage Industries Fair

Mark your calendars!

Have a great weekend!
-The Academy Of Self-Reliance Team
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