Letter From The Director

Operation Self-Reliance had a banner day last weekend with its first Super Saturday held in Highland, UT.

The day began with a Micro-Green Production workshop conducted by Steve Marks. It was a full house with attendees from as far away as Preston, Idaho. Then the afternoon presentations began with an introduction of “Operation Self-Reliance” and Correlation Council members that were in attendance. Dr. Cliffton Brady followed with a presentation “Solutions to Anxiety & Sadness.”


The afternoon continued with Steve Marks’ presentation on “Industrial Hemp, a History & Modern Uses” sharing information regarding the con perpetrated on the American people. Next, Ed Hendershot introduced all to the Native American Medicine Wheel and core principles associated with it. Ed is a descendant of an ancient chief that lived around 600AD in western America. Following his presentation, a Meet & Greet Potluck allowed everyone to enjoy getting to know all in attendance.


The Key Note speaker for the evening was Duane W Moss, a retired attorney, who continues to work with the Utes on their water board protecting their land and water rights. His presentation, “The Native American Medicine Wheel: The Symbol for Mother Earth’s Messianic Eschatology and the American Economy of Zion” was remarkable and informative. We all came away with a better understanding of some of the challenges facing our Native American Brothers today as well as some of the exciting things they will be involved in the future.


Other announcements include the identification of a parcel of land with several thousand acres in San Pete County that has the potential to be the Utah location for the OSR Land Co-op pilot project. It is anticipated, that an offer will be made on the property next week as funds have been committed and are being gathered. The property is the second of five that will be designated over the next several months. The first property identified is north of Eager, Arizona.


In addition, February will introduce OSRCommunity.com, a portal to further connect and network people to services and resources needed in becoming self-reliant and the introduction of OSR Today, an online magazine that will replace our weekly newsletter. We now have 18 members on the OSR Correlation Council, a group of professionals with backgrounds in engineering, medicine, real estate, construction, agriculture, and business management. All are committed to helping families transition from a city lifestyle to a country culture being debt free with a home, a barn, a greenhouse and a garden/orchard living among like-minded neighbors.


Furthermore, as individuals have subscribed to the Academy of Self-Reliance series called “The Path” the collection of data for the research associated with the project has begun. It has been amazing to see what all has transpired within the last 4 months. We continue to invite individuals and families to consider joining with Operation Self-Reliance and making the transition to a country culture of self-reliance with like-minded neighbors. We thank our Creator for all of this and more.


God speed,

Philip Gleason


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Jan 26 Introduction to Operation Self-Reliance in Fairview, UT
(Additional presentations being scheduled in Idaho & Arizona during February & March)

Feb 16 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

Mar 16 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

Apr 13 Super Saturday & Workshop in Highland, UT

May 4 Online Cottage Industries Fair

Oct 11 Online Cottage Industries Fair

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-The Academy Of Self-Reliance Team
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