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Seeds are amazing. Within each seed is a tiny plant and when given the correct amount of water, oxygen, and heat, they explode and begin their life. Often within a few days, a seed can grow 100s of times its original size. In addition, in the same amount of time, the nutrition or food value increases 600-800% over that of the original seed. One pine cone can be the genesis of a whole forest. The power and potential of a seed is infinite. 


The human thought is a seed with which there is little comparison. Many large and mighty nations have been the product of a single thought that has been carefully nurtured and brought into reality.  In addition, there have been many nations that have been destroyed by a single thought has been brought into reality. From this, we can see there are choices to be made and care taken to nurture that which is good and not sow that which is undesirable.


This Christmas Holiday when we celebrate the Lord’s birth with gift giving, I would encourage each one of us to take an inventory of our thoughts, the very seeds that will make up our future and take time to determine what it is that we want. I extend to you a gift, even a blessing of a believing heart that our Lord and Redeemer is over all. May we invite him into our hearts and minds to help nurture and cultivate all that is good. May we have a love of all mankind and especially of the household of faith.  


God Speed,

Philip Gleason



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The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. 

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What Do We Want To Grow?

We'll be discussing the need to grow plants for nutrition, medicine, and for cash, and the process of companion growing, and how to verify your soil and water requirements. 

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Trees For Life - Trees For Profit

We'll help you determine what you want your trees to do: protect, feed, building resource, money, etc. We'll also be discussing succesful growing strategies, soil and water requirements, and how to help your trees grow 3 times faster than normal. 

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There's an object in your bathroom that has the same name as a tree?

But it probably smells a little better... ;)


There is a toothbrush tree (also know as Miswaak or Siwak) which has been used for 1,000s of years that actually has medicinal properties. It is thought that the early Arabs, and Babylonian, Greek, and Roman societies used this toothbrush tree to clean their teeth and maintain oral hygiene. 


And I always thought that Colgate invented the toothbrush.

The toothbrush tree is also used as windbreaks for crops, and to help with 
reclaiming saline soils.
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And click here to learn more about the dental benefits!
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