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With winter settling in, one begins to be more appreciative of a warm environment. One of my favorites is that found in a greenhouse. My first greenhouse cost me only $300 and was about 600 square feet. I used a post and beam structure covered with a 3-year rated 6 mil. greenhouse poly. The poly was the most expensive part. 


Utilizing old cedar posts on 8’ centers and old 2”x10” wooden concrete forms cut in half to make 2”x5” boards, I constructed the frame for the structure. I used staples to attach the plastic to the wooden frame. The soil was a very hard and dry clay, which was very challenging to dig. On my property was an old horse corral, that had not seen any horses for ten years. It was from that corral that I hauled by wheelbarrow 6-8” of topsoil. It was in this soil that I planted my myriad of seeds and then turned the sprinklers on them.


The plants seemed to explode out of the ground. The energy radiated from the vibrant plants would energize me, even on the most challenging days. Not to mention, the freshly picked fruits and vegetables were incredible. That was my introduction to greenhouses and the beginning of a love affair that continues to this very day. 


I invite everyone to consider adding a greenhouse to their life, whether it is a little 6’x8’ one or something like the 15,000 sq. Ft. one that I graduated to years later. As my sweetheart and I are planning our transition back to country living, being self-reliant among like-minded neighbors, you can rest assured that a greenhouse in our plans and on the drawing board.


God Speed,

Philip Gleason



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I hold no preference among flowers, so long as they are wild, free, spontaneous.” 

-Edward Abbey
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Russ Finch is growing citrus trees in the snow?

And each tree produces about 125 lbs. of fruit each year.


Russ Finch has been growing 12’ citrus trees in Western Nebraska where the temperature varies -26 to 106 degrees for over 35 years. His cost to heat and cool the greenhouse has only been 96 cents a day.

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