Letter From The Director

With Christmas around the corner, my heart is drawn to the children, mine and other children around the world. Our team is made up of mothers and fathers that have the same love and concern for children as I do. We all agree that they are our richest resource and treasure. They are the future and our legacy to the world.  Yet, children around the world are under assault from those that would exploit them, even abuse them in the vilest ways. We at the Academy and our partners, OSR Green, LLC, Ark Engineering Group and others, are dedicated to creating communities of safety, not only for our own children, but others that have been and or will be rescued.


We salute those that place themselves in harm's way to rescue children from around the world, those such as Timothy Ballard and his team of heroes. His Operation Underground Railroad serves as an icon for the ultimate service being rendered to mankind. There is no greater gift than a man willing to lay down his life for his fellow man.


The goal of the Academy of Self-Reliance and our partners is to help families transition from a city lifestyle that is fraught with physical, emotional and social dangers, to a country culture, where they are free from debt, self-reliant and surrounded with like-minded neighbors. The object is not to isolate one’s self, but to have a safe neighborhood with space to enjoy life and all that the creator would have for his children.


In the tradition of the Lord whose birth we celebrate this month, may we rescue our children and grandchildren, building places of safety while making room for others that are being rescued. 


God Speed,

Philip J. Gleason


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New beginnings become possible with the first step; “Knowing what is wanted.” 

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12.06.18 @7pm MST
Save $$$ - Alternative Methods + Materials

We'll be talking about foundation alternatives like Permanent Wood Foundations, Crushed rock or rubble stone footings, Designed drainage, and more. We'll also cover WallsConventional framing vs post & beamRammed earthCompressed earth blocksEarthship – tire wallsIn the ground design, etc.

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12.13.18 @7pm MST
Our Greenhouse or Walipini

We'll take a look at sizing, hoop houses, in the ground design (walipini), heating, cooling, watering, and more! There's really nothing you can't grow with the right tools!

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Weeds can sometimes be a good thing?

There are 9 edible weeds, and they are:


Lamb's Quarters
Wild Amaranth
Curly or Yellow Duck
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