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"Using principle based practical solutions in achieving self-reliance avoids conflicts with nature and man."  This statement defines how we at the Academy strive to structure the content for “The Path” curriculum. When an individual understands the underlying principles associated with each of the learning activities and courses presented by the Academy, it allows them to think outside of the box of normal solutions.


An example of principle based practical solutions is found in the course “Planning Our House with Passive Solar.” The 5 elements or principles of Passive Solar are taught along with the principles associated with the transfer of heat.  Once these principles are understood, they can be incorporated, not only in a home but also in a barn, a greenhouse, even the garden, where traditional thought would suggest the use of heating and cooling equipment that requires a great deal of electricity and or other fossil fuels. By incorporating passive solar elements, we eliminate the need for those types of utilities.


In addition, once an individual understands principle-based practical solutions, problem-solving can take on a whole new level of effectiveness. The principle of loving one’s neighbor or family member when striving to resolve a conflict sets safe parameters that coincide with the laws of God.  When we operate in accordance with God’s laws or the laws of nature, which are God’s laws, frustrations with ourselves and others tend to melt away because we better understand the situation. 


Principles are eternal. They are the same today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow. We encourage everyone to seek for these treasures and live by them, whether solving today’s problems or planning tomorrows adventures.


God Speed,

Philip J. Gleason



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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…" 
Hosea 4:6 KJV
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Our Barn & Animals

We will be discussing barn design (based on what you want to put in it), the style needed, cost of materials and the different methods, and heating + lighting possibilities.
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12.06.18 @7pm MST
Save $$$ - Alternative Methods + Materials

We'll be talking about foundation alternatives like Permanent Wood Foundations, Crushed rock or rubble stone footings, Designed drainage, and more. We'll also cover WallsConventional framing vs post & beamRammed earthCompressed earth blocksEarthship – tire wallsIn the ground design, etc.

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