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As we enter the holidays, we find there are many driving forces at play, each with their own agenda. There are those that would have us participate in the frenzied consumerism. Others would have us travel to exotic destinations for a vacation. However, there are a select few that use their precious free days from work to go and minister to those that are less fortunate than themselves. Whether it is a young mother going to Africa to teach American Sign language to deaf children, 29 families going to the Ukraine distributing 4,000+ pajamas to children in 24 orphanages, doctors & nurses participating in Doctors Without Borders around the world, or a family inviting the elderly or homeless to a warm meal during the holidays, we find these elect individuals giving of their resources to lift another to a higher quality of life.

We, at the Academy of Self-Reliance, salute these kinds of amazing individuals and families. We recognize these saviors of mankind for both their willingness to serve and to give, and for the fact that they prepared every needful thing that allowed them the freedom to give back to the human family.

When we become self-reliant, when our very existence is no longer dependent upon someone else to provide us the necessities of life, opportunities to serve others begin to arise. The very act of serving others expands our capacity to do more, to be more. Furthermore, when we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals and families, our potential for good grows exponentially. 

We, at the Academy, hope that during these holidays we will all be found serving more, being more and having more gratitude for all that we have.

God speed,

Philip Gleason

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"Using principle based practical solutions in achieving self-reliance avoids conflicts with nature and man." 

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Some marshmallows aren't meant for s'mores.

There's a leaf and root with the same name as the beloved white ball of fluff, but much more beneficial.


Years ago, while my wife was nursing, her milk began to dry up and was not enough for our baby son. A mid wife suggested we make a tea from the root of this wonderful weed that was found in our back yard. Within 12 hours her milk was restored. -Philip

This common back yard plant, Marshmallow leaf and root are commonly used by mouth to treat stomach ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, swelling of the stomach lining, and pain and swelling of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract. But there is limited scientific evidence to support these and other uses. - Via WebMD

You can find out even more about these super-plants by clicking HERE for WebMD's information, and HERE for info gathered from Lhynn Nevarez.

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