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This week marks the beginning of an amazing journey for those that want to move from an urban lifestyle. An urban lifestyle promotes debt which is requiring more and more time working away from home. An urban lifestyle fosters so much specialization that individuals can no longer be self-reliant. They are a piece in a very complex economy that is fragile at best and when it breaks or slows down, the individual and their family often suffer.  In addition, an urban lifestyle can contribute to the damaging isolation much of our technology promotes with communications being reduced to a few words via text or short emails. Social interaction is found more and more in front of a gaming console or other electronic devices that diminish our personal investments into relationships that allow us to become something greater than we are.  These three city lifestyle challenges are prompting families to seek another alternative.

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This week’s webinar, “The Journey Begins,” marks the start of a transition individuals and families are making towards a culture that encourages being self-reliant through knowledge and the skills to apply that knowledge, while remaining debt free. Once an individual and their family are self-reliant with out many of the constraints that current society tries to place upon a family, they are free to contribute and participate in a community with other like-minded families creating a stable, safe and caring environment in which to raise children.


We invite all to join with us at the Academy on the path to self-reliance and the freedom that comes with such a culture.


God speed,

Philip J Gleason

Executive Director

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The webinars and supporting resources are tailored to change thinking patterns and create new possibilities. Each webinar builds on the previous information provided. This path of instruction allows for the personal investment of time and fore thought required to formulate a successful plan, a plan which leads to a successful lifestyle, being debt free, having a home, a barn, a greenhouse and a garden/orchard that provides the necessities and comforts desired.  Subscribe and begin your journey today.

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“Are your actions and choices commensurate with your goals?” 
James Mathew Gleason

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Tonight's Webinar:
11.01.18 @7pm MDT (Utah Time)

As with any journey, the first step begins with knowing where you want to go. The next is knowing where you are at, which is always the best place to start. The rest is in the planning. This course provides direction and resources needed to begin. Join with us and begin your journey!


Next Week's Webinar:
11.08.18 @7pm MST

We will be discussing keys for success found in strategies, why a primary land co-operative, the power of a proprietary occupancy agreement, the power and value of secondary co-operatives, the opportunity with market value shares, and more.
4.33 Chinese houses will fit in 1 American house.

What is wanted vs. what is needed?
70 years ago, the average new home size was 800 square feet with a population of 3.67 people per household. Today it is over 2,500 square feet with a population of 2.6 per household.
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