It is always exhilarating for me to show families the property at Riverbed Ranch and all the activity going on there.  As they begin to see the reality of Operation Self Reliance, the land, the water, and all that is taking place, they start to see themselves as a part of it.  When they walk the perimeter of a two-acre parcel (208’ x 416’ - over 1 and a half times the size of a football field), they begin to see all the possibilities of having their own passive solar home, barn, well, greenhouse, garden & orchard, and with like-minded neighbors.  Over and over I keep hearing people say things like, “This is what I’ve been looking for!” Or, “I have been dreaming of this for years!” 


In the last few weeks over 350 people have expressed an interest in OSR.  With the support of the Academy of Self-Reliance, (,, and other OSR Partners helping network like-minded individuals and essential resources, families are seeing a pathway to real self-reliance.  To help families learn more about OSR and how to get involved, we have been conducting introductory presentations in homes and other community meeting places. 


We are excited to announce that our next presentation will be in Highland on November 8th at 7:00 pm.  For those of you in Utah County and Salt Lake County, this will be a great opportunity to invite friends and family to come and learn about this exciting venture.  I will be introducing OSR and other OSR Partners, including the leadership of the Utah OSR Land Cooperative.  In addition, the 75-minute presentation will include an overview of all that has been taking place at the Ranch during this last summer.  


Also, we will announce next summer’s schedule of hands-on workshops to be held at the Ranch under the direction of the Academy.  These 3-5 day workshops will include classes on the following subjects:

• Building with alternative methods and materials

• Permanent wood foundation systems – ½ the cost and twice the life of Portland cement

• Rammed earth and CEB construction

• Village drill operation – drilling a water well

• Greenhouses and temporary garden cover erection

• Planting trees, including creating cuttings from your favorite trees

• Working with bees, including identifying and planting bee forage

• And much more, including recreational events for adults and teenagers


After the presentation on Nov. 8th, the audience will have an opportunity to visit with the OSR Partners which include representatives of the Academy, the Utah OSR Land Cooperatives, and Earth’s Purest MiracleHive Bee Program.  We invite you to join us as we make a difference and have some fun doing it!


God speed,

Philip J. Gleason,

We invite anyone interested to join us this Saturday!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get your hands in the dirt, see the beauty, and feel the peace the property brings!

Saturday, Nov. 2nd
11 am - 3 pm
Potluck lunch from 1-2 pm

If you have any questions or need directions, please contact us at

We hope to see you there!



What is it, exactly?

How do I store it?

Can I use it for electricity?

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We are in the process of providing a discount for solar-energy equipment.  We have selected Sol-Ark as a supplier.

To increase our discounts we are needing to combine our purchases.  We can get improved discounts if we place an order for 10 or more units.  And at 20 or more units, we receive an even larger discount.

If you are thinking of purchasing solar-energy equipment, whether for your new home, existing home, friend’s home, camping, etc…, please fill out our online questionnaire so that we can combine our orders and get big savings.

This is not a commitment to purchase at this time.  We are only getting a list of 
potential buyers. 


Utah OSR Land Cooperative (OSR) has contracted with Earth’s Purest Company ™ (Earth’s Purest ) and GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative (GeoCure) to purchase 2,200 MiracleHives at cost, to provide for FREE to the first 110 members in the Utah OSR Land Cooperative at the Riverbed Ranch.

If you've been on the fence about purchasing an OSR Membership, now's the time to act!

Each OSR founding member will receive 20 free MiracleHives, worth $700 each ($14,000), which comes with a lifetime membership in GeoCure. Your MiracleHives are managed, grown and expertly cared for by GeoCure / Earths Purest; 24-7-365; they do all of the work for you!

Have a great week! - The AOSR Team
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