“We want to have 2 acres and participate in the OSR Land Cooperative, but we don’t have any money,” is a statement that I frequently hear after presenting the “Introduction to Operation Self-Reliance.” This is my reply to them, “if this is truly something that you really want, not would like, but really desire, then place your focus on obtaining that goal.”


A goal, a true goal, becomes a belief that something is not only obtainable but is inevitable. It is inevitable because you are willing to change. Change always starts inwardly. Too many people spend a great deal of energy trying to force a physical change without changing the internal belief system, such as losing weight by not eating as much. This often ends in failure because they have not created a pathway that deals with all of the challenges. They may determine it is not worth the effort because they don’t want to deal with the discomfort or effort required, when if fact those things would not be an issue if they had first dealt with them internally.


Knowing what you really want and claiming it internally is the foundation for making outward physical changes. I will reinforce this thought with another example. If you believe that your child will be hurt if they continue to play in the street, a responsible parent will do whatever it takes to remove their child from the street and keep them from going back into the street. I repeat, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. 


If you determine that becoming self-reliant on a two-acre parcel of an OSR Land Cooperative with like-minded neighbors and being debt-free is essential for the health, safety, and welfare of your family, and you truly want that for them, then make that a priority now, today. There is a simple path to accomplish that. Simple is not necessarily easy but it is doable.


The path begins with knowing what is wanted, assessing where you are emotionally, physically, mentally and temporally. These assessments are critical to any plan for success. It does not matter where you are at with any of these elements, but you do need to know where you are. With that knowledge of where you are and where you are headed, then you have a true foundation for creating a plan to make the transition to a culture of self-reliance.


There are biblical passages that help us to obtain what is wanted. “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” That is the promise. Help can come in many forms. Recognizing those opportunities and having a willingness to do whatever it takes within the bounds that the Lord has set is not only possible but doable. I challenge you to believe. Believe in our Lord and believe in yourself. The OSR Community Partners are committed to helping all those that are willing to believe and do whatever is needed to make the needed changes in their life to become self-reliant.


God Speed

Philip J. Gleason





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