We want to welcome all of the new members to the Academy of Self-Reliance and the Path Series. As you participate in the webinars, the assignments and the online journal you will find that you are creating your own pathway to self-reliance.  For those who wish to go beyond just learning and want to have their own two acres with a passive solar home, a barn, a greenhouse, a garden/orchard with a well, while remaining debt-free, there is the next step. This step is joining an OSR Land Cooperative of which there are now two. The Utah OSR Land Cooperative is located 40 miles north of Delta on the Riverbed Ranch. We are currently in negotiations for land for the Texas OSR Land Cooperative in Zavala County, Texas.


OSR Cooperatives are agriculturally based, meaning they are about cultivating the land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock. They are non-profit organizations that provide steep discounts for entry-level. An example is the entry-level cost for land ownership with water rights into the Utah OSR Land Cooperative is only $20K. The Texas OSR Land Cooperative is $25K. Each of these two cooperatives is limited to 250 members, each with their own 2-acre parcel with another 3 or so acres combined with the other members for agricultural production.


Besides the reduced land costs, each cooperative with their own construction group can provide additional savings in reduced building costs of 30-40%. Wells that normally cost $15-$20K will be made available at 1/3 of those costs. Those that can provide their own labor can save even more.


In addition, these two cooperatives are providing ownership of 20-25 MiracleHive beehives to a limited number of shareholders. These hives will be managed by Earth’s Purest and placed on a bee habitat that provides a pesticide-free super bee forage. The owners of these MiracleHives will receive an income derived from one half of the honey these beehives produce. This added value is worth $14-$17.5K. These hives will be grown 10X over a six-year period. 


Every effort is being made to help individuals and families obtain and maintain a culture of self-reliance while remaining debt-free by implementing strategies that significantly reduce costs, network like-minded people and essential resources, make the necessary education available, help qualify each family’s transition plan and finally help them make the transition to a healthy, productive and profitable country culture.


For those of you that want to help in this great work, I invite you to contact us by sending an email to info@osrgreen.com. Become a member of the OSR Team helping families make the transition from the city lifestyle of dependency to a country culture of self-reliance with like-minded neighbors.


God speed,

Philip J. Gleason




What in the world is permaculture?

Is it really all that important?

Where/how do I even start?

You've got questions, and we've got answers! So come join us!


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This is not a commitment to purchase at this time.  We are only getting a list of 
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Have a great week! - The AOSR Team
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