Being determined, no matter the hazard, to make the desert blossom like a rose, was the state of mind of the early pioneers who settled the desolate Salt Lake valley, as it was described back then by Jim Bridger. It is that same state of mind that is needed to achieve self-reliance.


The current lifestyle many of us are shackled to opposes self-reliance. Being dependent on others for virtually everything, from our shelter, our water, our food, our energy needs and more, not only makes us vulnerable to a single point of failure but in many cases robs us of our peace of mind. Furthermore, trying to meet the demands of others so we can obtain and maintain what is needed leaves little time and energy to enjoy the beauty around us.


Obtaining and maintaining self-reliance - being debt-free with land, a home, a barn, a greenhouse, a garden/orchard with a well powered by solar, and your own bio efficient sanitation system - requires a clear focus of what your goals are. Determination is what propelled the early pioneers forward. They had their plan of action and set about working that plan. They identified the ground they wanted to work; they brought the water to the land, and with the help of God made the desert blossom like a rose.


OSR has created pathways to a country culture of self-reliance with like-minded neighbors to create a greenbelt in the desert. This greenbelt will not only look beautiful but will also help provide every needful thing. Not everyone is drawn to such a dream, but, if this resonates within you, then I would invite, even encourage you with my whole heart and soul to determine “no matter the hazard” to take that next step required to become self-reliant.


Join with us and our growing number of individuals and families who are currently creating our greenbelt in the desert. Water is being brought back to the land, crops have been planted, trees are being prepared for the land and more. Taking those steps needed to make the transition from a city lifestyle of dependencies to a country culture of self-reliance is not only possible but becomes inevitable when joined with other like-minded people who care to prepare every needful thing. 


God speed,

Philip J. Gleason




What goes into drilling a well?

Is there a way to save money on my well?

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