We at OSR are excited to be able to bring to you the details of our collaboration with the GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative that we announced last week.  As we told you, the Utah OSR Land Cooperative Riverbed Ranch has been selected to be the first premier bee habitat for the GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative. This start-up agricultural cooperative has been 5 years in the making. At the end of November this year their global campaign will be launched.


The Riverbed Ranch was selected for its location, for being pesticide-free, for the availability of water, and for the principles that the Utah OSR Land Cooperative represent. This joint venture with both cooperatives has the potential of providing a financial pathway for anyone who has a sincere desire to participate to have the land, the house, the barn, the greenhouse, the garden/orchard, the well, and required sanitation to be self-reliant with like-minded neighbors. Upon the purchase of one share of the OSR Land Cooperative, you will receive ownership of 20 MiracleHives. Of the 250 Utah OSR Land Cooperative shares, only the first 110 founders are eligible for the current free MiracleHive program. 


In this scenario, the entire cost of the Membership & Homesite …is potentially paid for by the Life Force of the MiracleHives (Divinely Provided by God).  (In addition, there will be jobs available this spring and for some earlier than that.)   Please read below in detail the program as it was submitted by GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative. Furthermore, for those who refer new shareholders, a referral fee of $2,500 is still available to shareholders of Utah OSR Land Cooperative. All others are eligible for the $2,000 referral fee. 


As submitted by the President of Earth’s Purest/GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative, 


“Upon paying the $20,000 for a Membership in the Utah OSR Land Coop, in addition to the 2 acres of land for the shareholder's homesite and the associated water, the first 110 Utah OSR Founding Members* will receive the following:


  1. The OSR Founding Member will receive at no additional cost (FREE) 20 MiracleHives (live honey-producing beehives), as part of the; GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative Inc. Utah  (GeoCure™).
  1. These 20 MiracleHives will also come with a lifetime membership in GeoCure Co-op.
  1. They will be stored and grown for the OSR/GeoCure Members at GeoCure BeeHabs, initially at Riverbed Ranch, Juab County UT.
  1. Each of the 20 MiracleHives has an initial value of $700 each ($14,000) and will be built/delivered by July 2020.
  1. They are owned outright by the OSR/GeoCure Members and will be grown over a 6-year period into 200 MiracleHives.
  1. An average beehive in the U.S. makes 58.9 lbs. of honey annually; a MiracleHive at BeeHab will make 200+lbs. per year on average.
  1. Management and care for these MiracleHives (24-7-365) is provided at no additional direct cost, by Earth’s Purest Company (Earth’s Purest™) a sister company to GeoCure.
  1. OSR/GeoCure Members receive 50% of the honey produced from their MiracleHives, which will be purchased from the members by Earth’s Purest at Market Rate.
  1. For its management services and IP rights, Earth’s Purest receives the other 50% of the honey produced, plus all bee products (wax, pollen, propolis, queens), and replication rights.
  1. In March/April 2020, OSR/GeoCure Members will have the option of selling their 50% share of the initial 5-years of honey production in advance for a lump sum payment of $21,000.  ($20,000 to the hive owner / Member and $1,000 to OSR/GeoCure for legal and administration.)
  1. The initial 2,200+ MiracleHives in this program will be stored, managed and grown by Earth’s Purest at the Utah OSR Riverbed Ranch as part of:

    a) The GeoCure Juab County BeeHab, which would initially encompass a 65-mile radius around Riverbed Ranch and over 3-years, GeoCure / Earth’s Purest will expand this BeeHab to encompass the entire State of Utah.


At this point, the $20,000 UTAH OSR Land Membership and the 20 MiracleHives …plus the 10X growth of the MiracleHives to 200 …are FREE, if the Founding Shareholder takes the option of selling the initial 5-years of honey production for $21,000.

In 2-years, or by September 2021, the OSR/GeoCure Member could also choose to sell the next 5-years of honey production, for $170,000+/- (TBD), which pays for up to 100% of the cost to build their OSR 2 acre homesite.


The Member would still own the 200 MiracleHives, which in 6-years are projected to have an estimated value of $1,300 each ($260,000).


Assuming the OSR/GeoCure Member sold the initial 10-years of honey production

In YEAR 11, their honey payment would begin again, and factoring in inflation or …Beeinflation (which we know is going to happen) the member’s honey payment in YR 11  is estimated to potentially be $50,000+ annually.



Christian J. Hemmann

President & CIO

Earth’s Purest/GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative”


*Note: As of 08/14//2019 the first 22 positions have been reserved, leaving 88 remaining. For more information please contact me personally at philip@osrgreen.com or call my cell at (801)3101947.


God speed,

Philip J. Gleason




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