We are excited to announce a new program that provides 20 free Miracle Beehives for each of the first 110 founding shareholders of the Utah OSR Land Cooperative and the opportunity next spring to sell their first 5 years honey production for $20,000. 


Because of the worldwide collapse of our honeybees, 80 million hives have been lost over the last 40 years, Earth’s Purest Inc and partner, GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative, along with our Utah OSR Land Cooperative have joined hands to help restore the balance.


The bees, our bees, have been ravaged by pesticides and other environmental contaminants. The need for healthy bee habitats with forage that provides an abundance of nectar and pollen-free of harmful substances has become increasingly difficult for bees to find. In addition, commercial beekeepers are forced economically to subject their beehives to contaminated crops, such as the 1 ½ million acres of California Almond trees. These orchards are so contaminated with pesticides and other pollutants that many of the beekeepers suffer as much as a 50% hive loss pollinating the almond trees each year.


Yesterday, I was speaking with Lynn, a beekeeper in central Utah who told me that he had suffered a total hive loss this last winter. During his post-winter hive inspection, it was determined that the pollen the bees had stored for the winter had been contaminated with pesticides. He said it was devastating because he loves bees.


The need for pesticide-free bee habitats has become critical. Our Utah OSR Land Cooperative’s Riverbed Ranch located 63 miles west of Nephi provides an ideal habitat location. It was for this reason that Earth’s Purest and GeoCure approached our Utah OSR Land Coop and an agreement was forged and finalized two days ago.  


As of this morning, there are only 88 of the  110 founding shareholder positions available. To learn more about the Utah OSR Land Cooperative, receive 20 free MiracleHives with the opportunity to sell your first five years of honey production for $20,000 in the spring of 2020, either email the request to info@osrgreen.com or call Philip at (801)310-1947


God Speed

Philip J. Gleason




Fascinated by bees, but don't know where to start?

Curious about what bee rescuing means?

What on earth does splitting a hive mean?

Wondering what the biggest threats to bees are?

You've got questions, and we've got answers! So come join us!


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We are in the process of providing a discount for solar-energy equipment.  We have selected Sol-Ark as a supplier.

To increase our discounts we are needing to combine our purchases.  We can get improved discounts if we place an order for 10 or more units.  And at 20 or more units, we receive an even larger discount.

If you are thinking of purchasing solar-energy equipment, whether for your new home, existing home, friend’s home, camping, etc…, please fill out our online questionnaire so that we can combine our orders and get big savings.

This is not a commitment to purchase at this time.  We are only getting a list of 
potential buyers. 

Have a great week! - The AOSR Team
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