Letter From The Director

Spring is here and Operation Self-Reliance is moving forward. Properties are under review and an offer is being prepared. Soil samples have been taken, discussions are underway for initial co-op crops to be established. Things are happening. Families are working through the Path Series developing their plan, and have begun their path to optimum health. It is during these moments that the hard decisions come to light.


Making the transition from a city lifestyle of dependencies to a country culture of self-reliance is not an easy task. Determining what is wanted and making the emotional commitment is the first step. Keeping that commitment in the forefront becomes the next challenge as the reality of stepping away from our comfort zone and dependencies associated with our city lifestyles becomes awkward.


In addition, timing is always a consideration for all activities. For those that follow the bond market and are watching the inverse curve grow between the 2 year and 10 year bond rates, it is clear that we are on the precipice of a 2008-2009 type of economic downturn on steroids. There are other indicators that all align with a severe correction on the horizon. Will it be this year or next, or the year after? The discussions are intense and varied, with the common denominator being that it is coming, and it will be significant.


It becomes evident that there is a migration out of the city into the country occurring when you start looking at land. Agricultural land prices are continuing to rise, and water rights are at a premium. Self-reliance is the only long-term solution that I and others associated with OSR can see as a permanent and viable solution. With that understanding, we invite all to aggressively obtain that posture, whether it be with your family and friends or with our OSR communities of like-minded families. Our Path Series is a way for those with limited resources to acquire the knowledge, skills and resources leading to self-reliance. If you wish to learn more, contact me or anyone of our OSR Team members to schedule either an online video conference or host an Introductory Cottage Meeting in your home.


God speed,

Philip Gleason


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