Just a quick update here. There is a continuing increase of interest in OSR and the Utah OSR Land Cooperative. The process for securing building and septic system permits is well underway with the approval of some already in place. Material acquisition is taking place for those getting ready to build. The delivery and erection of the concrete batch plant, with the sand & gravel power screen, is partially completed. Sand & gravel production is expected to begin within the next couple weeks and local concrete delivery should be available shortly thereafter. We always wish things moved faster, but all, in all we are amazed at what has been and is being accomplished with all of the challenges.

The challenges that I am speaking of are those unexpected things and conditions that were not anticipated. How people handle challenges is what sets apart those that succeed and those that do not. As I work with those that have moved on to the Ranch, I am continually impressed by those that see the challenges just as something that is part of everyday life, which, in truth it is.

Moving forward, having, and working one’s plan is critical. Accomplishing something every day that will bring about the goals set requires a balance of realistic planning and implementation. Many times, we have to re-evaluate our time and budget with all that we are trying to accomplish. This is being wise in our stewardship. Failing to stay within our budget as planned is a disaster in the making. However, evaluating where one is regarding time and resources and making necessary changes is a requirement for good management.

 I believe that the challenges are going to continue to increase in intensity and quantity that will make it necessary to continually adjust and compensate for the unexpected. It will always be easier to give up or try to hunker down and hope that things will return to normal. But, as many believe, times are changing and not all for the good. It is my hope and prayer that people will see and recognize the signs of the times. Then, actively pursue solutions to the challenges that face them.

God speed, 
Philip J. Gleason,


Attention Riverbed Ranch Community Members:

Do you have plans to build structures on your lot over the next 12 months? If so, please fill out this survey so we can link groups together for group buys on materials, etc.

Thank you!


Currently, there is a need for those with construction skills

Compensation is commensurate with experience and ability. Consideration for these employment opportunities will first be offered to the Utah OSR Land Cooperative shareholders and their family members. If you are interested, please, send a brief introduction of your skills and availability to philip@osrgreen.com for consideration.


Due to scheduling conflicts, this week's webinar will be postponed until next week.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

See you next Thursday!

Do you have a gift, talent or experience with being self-reliant that you could share among us?

If so, we invite you to submit an article to be published in the Academy Newsletter. To help you submit your article, Coleen Gleason, one of our editors, will be happy to assist you. You can contact her or send your articles to her at coleen@academyosr.com. Upon review and acceptance, you will be notified when your article will be published.

Thank you for sharing!

Here's what we've got going on!

Want to learn how to achieve greater self-reliance in our 250-family modern homesteading community? Then check out our Intro Meetings where we discuss what you can do, and where to start!

Would you like a personal tour of the site of a 250-family homestead community being built on the Utah OSR Land Co-op's 1,245-acre Riverbed Ranch in Juab County, Utah? Then join us for our Munch & Mingle Tour! We'll show you what we're doing now, and what we have planned for the future!

For more details and information about each of our events, click the button to visit our Events Page, and then scroll down to see what we've got planned.


Save the Date for our very first tree planting event on 
September 12th! 

Location: Riverbed Ranch at 39.888199 -112.815083

Come join us as we:

• Plant a small area and learn about the land-rehabilitating principles behind the design.
• Learn how to and build immediate temporary bathrooms and showers.
• And finally, we will have a town hall meeting with Philip, our director!

Bring work gloves and a shovel if possible.
Please bring enough personal water and food.
(for however long you are staying)

Bathrooms are being arranged.
(please note that the welcome center is OFF LIMITS for the time being)

You are welcome to camp before and/or after the event. Tents and trailers/RVs will be allowed to camp in designated areas.

Please be mindful that this land will be certified organic – if you need to dump water please do so inside the house. You will need to pack out your own trash.

Crowdfunding and Advertising campaigns are ongoing to gather funds and participants. There is additional help needed, of course! 

Please contact Sarah Vezzani at loftium4@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out with the planning and/or execution of this event.


Are you on social media? Then let's connect!

We'd love to have you join our Facebook Group, where we post about upcoming events and meetings where you and your friends can learn more about what we're doing! It's a great and easy way to help spread the word!


We are ready to place orders with Sol-Ark for our solar systems! 

If you have any questions or want to submit an order for our next shipment, please contact Philip Gleason at philip@osrgreen.com or call him directly at (801) 310-1947.


Have a great week! - The AOSR Team
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