As a society, we are dealing with a global pandemic, race riots, political divide, and civil unrest. As OSR members we are dealing with having to sell our homes, make huge life-changing decisions, and then face all the challenges of making the move. How are we dealing with these challenges? Are we dealing with fear and anxiety, or curiosity and excitement? Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

We have to ask ourselves, “Am I a victim here, finding my life in chaos?” or “Do I believe that there is purpose in everything?” The problem with being a victim or even a partial victim is that life becomes unstable. We see ourselves as being out of control due to events, persons, or circumstances that we have no influence over. This is one paradigm. I submit that this is a false paradigm, one that breeds continued chaos, depression, and hopelessness, all of which can be debilitating, even fatal, given time. What can one do to get off of such a downward spiral?

I suggest three things:

Number one is to just breathe. Take a deep breath and then exhale in one large release. As you exhale let go of everything. Because when you let go of everything that you are clinging to, the worry, the anxiety, the pent-up fear that we all grab a hold of from time to time, they lose their control of us. Even if it is only for a moment. Deep breathing with the purpose of letting go allows the mind to change focus. Now, what one chooses to focus on after the release determines one’s next course heading. That brings us to the second thing.

Number two: immediately smile. Physically smile. Pull your cheek muscles up and smile. Science has proven that with the effort of smiling your body chemistry begins to change. Try it, do it right now. 😊 Feel the change. Repeat number one and number two several times right now. Don’t be afraid, just do it.

Number three: think of something or someone that you are thankful for while you are smiling. This will often bring tears to one’s eyes. Gratitude is a powerful antioxidant. Gratitude is a potent detergent in removing those things that are corrosive to one’s peace and well-being. Taking a moment to allow those things that you are grateful for, to be your focus, even if for a moment, rewires the neuro-pathways in the brain.

These three small, but powerful activities can be implemented as often as one wants to change their emotional condition. Removing toxic attitudes and replacing them with hope by seeing the positive around us can not only change us, it can change a relationship, a family, a neighborhood, and in time even a nation. Self-reliance begins with knowing what is wanted, taking action to achieve it, and in the end becoming a new person, a person with hope, energy, and a new course in life, a course that often involves helping others achieve that same hope, energy, and a new course in life.

God speed, 
Philip J. Gleason,


Attention Riverbed Ranch Community Members:

Do you have plans to build structures on your lot over the next 12 months? If so, please fill out this survey so we can link groups together for group buys on materials, etc.

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Currently, there is a need for those with construction skills

Compensation is commensurate with experience and ability. Consideration for these employment opportunities will first be offered to the Utah OSR Land Cooperative shareholders and their family members. If you are interested, please, send a brief introduction of your skills and availability to for consideration.


with presenter Philip Gleason 

In this lesson, we will be discussing the latest happenings:

The Welcome Center,
Septic Systems,
and more!

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Want to learn how to achieve greater self-reliance in our 250-family modern homesteading community? Then check out our Intro Meetings where we discuss what you can do, and where to start!

Would you like a personal tour of the site of a 250-family homestead community being built on the Utah OSR Land Co-op's 1,245-acre Riverbed Ranch in Juab County, Utah? Then join us for our Munch & Mingle Tour! We'll show you what we're doing now, and what we have planned for the future!

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Save the Date for our very first tree planting event on 
September 12th! 

Location: Riverbed Ranch at 39.888199 -112.815083

Come join us as we:

• Plant a small area and learn about the land-rehabilitating principles behind the design.
• Learn how to and build immediate temporary bathrooms and showers.
• And finally, we will have a town hall meeting with Philip, our director!

Bring work gloves and a shovel if possible.
Please bring enough personal water and food.
(for however long you are staying)

Bathrooms are being arranged.
(please note that the welcome center is OFF LIMITS for the time being)

You are welcome to camp before and/or after the event. Tents and trailers/RVs will be allowed to camp in designated areas.

Please be mindful that this land will be certified organic – if you need to dump water please do so inside the house. You will need to pack out your own trash.

Crowdfunding and Advertising campaigns are ongoing to gather funds and participants. There is additional help needed, of course! 

Please contact Sarah Vezzani at if you are interested in helping out with the planning and/or execution of this event.


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