Less than a month before the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, on June 28, 1847, Brigham Young had an encounter with mountain man Jim Bridger.  When Jim Bridger heard what Brigham was planning to do, he told him that he considered it imprudent to bring a large population into the Great Basin and he’d “give $1,000 for a bushel of corn raised in the basin.” I have heard as much from others regarding the Utah OSR Land Cooperative. Naysayers have come and gone, yet, within a year or two, Salt Lake City was flourishing and amazing things are transpiring out at the Ranch:

  1. Last Tuesday a celebration and stargazing event drew over 80 people to the ranch.  Everyone had fun meeting new friends and enjoying the outdoors. Kids were everywhere, exploring, playing, getting to know each other, many who will be neighbors in the near future.
  2. Due to the wonderful gift of 4,700+ M-Paks given to the Academy of Self-Reliance by Dr. Kevin Gillespie and his wife, the Academy now has the resources to hold workshops in the field providing chairs and accessories needed by the students. Thank you, Dr. Gillespie. Click here for the video   
  3. The Welcome Center remodel is in full swing. This will provide a location for the first Co-op Store at the Riverbed Ranch.  This will be made available for the sale of treats, beverages, paper goods, and other essentials
  4. The perc tests and engineering for the Coop Private RV/Campground bathroom are almost complete.
  5. Excavation and site preparation for the first homes and barns to be constructed has begun. 
  6. The first shipment of solar equipment has arrived and orders for more are moving forward. 
  7. There are jobs for those with construction and heavy equipment skills available to shareholders. Other available jobs will be coming.

There is much to do, but much has been accomplished. OSR is in full swing. My gratitude and love go to all those who have made this possible. It has been because of the sacrifice and willingness of many who have worked through and met the many challenges that go with an endeavor of this size. The trailblazers of OSR are my heroes. They have shown the true pioneer spirit, the spirit that has for thousands of years shown others what can be accomplished with faith, hope, and much hard work. These are my kind of people.

God speed,
Philip J. Gleason

M-Pak Chairs graciously donated by the Gillespies

Stargazing at the Ranch

Stargazing and work progress

Welcome Center progress

Currently, there is a need for those with construction skills

Compensation is commensurate with experience and ability. Consideration for these employment opportunities will first be offered to the Utah OSR Land Cooperative shareholders and their family members. If you are interested, please, send a brief introduction of your skills and availability to philip@osrgreen.com for consideration.


Unfortunately, our webinar schedule has been impacted in part by COVID-19, but we hope to get them back up and running as soon as possible. We apologize for this delay, and look forward to getting back to providing these lessons soon!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Do you have a gift, talent or experience with being self-reliant that you could share among us?

If so, we invite you to submit an article to be published in the Academy Newsletter. To help you submit your article, Coleen Gleason, one of our editors, will be happy to assist you. You can contact her or send your articles to her at coleen@academyosr.com. Upon review and acceptance, you will be notified when your article will be published.

Thank you for sharing!

Here's what we've got going on!

Want to learn how to achieve greater self-reliance in our 250-family modern homesteading community? Then check out our Intro Meetings where we discuss what you can do, and where to start!

Would you like a personal tour of the site of a 250-family homestead community being built on the Utah OSR Land Co-op's 1,245-acre Riverbed Ranch in Juab County, Utah? Then join us for our Munch & Mingle Tour! We'll show you what we're doing now, and what we have planned for the future!

For more details and information about each of our events, click the button to visit our Events Page.


Save the Date for our very first tree planting event on 
September 12th! 

There are several projects happening at the Riverbed Ranch involving planting trees and shrubs to begin regenerating the soil and providing forage for bees in areas around the Welcome Center, the 40 acre Special Projects Center (The Academy Campus, Rescue Home, Therapy Barn, etc.), and eventually the future Green Belt/Waterway. Initial planting projects will begin where water is already available to keep plants alive, and many plants and cuttings are already being gathered to get this started! 

On September 12, 2020, we will be inviting OSR shareholders AND the interested public to come to the Riverbed Ranch for a 1-day mass tree/shrub planting event. The primary goal of this 1-day event is to plant 2,020 trees and shrubs in one day, and of course, the secondary goals include socializing and gathering public interest in regenerative agriculture and the mission of the Academy of Self-Reliance and Utah Land Co-Op! 

Crowdfunding and Advertising campaigns are ongoing to gather funds and participants. There is additional help needed, of course! 

Please contact Sarah Vezzani at loftium4@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out with the planning and/or execution of this event.


Have you heard? We're building a ropes course!

The Academy OSR Ropes Course will offer a unique series of team-building exercises that will have a variety of activities and programs that will challenge you, your friends, family, coworkers, and teammates to master challenges and conquer fears.

This state-of-the-art facility incorporates a continuous belay system that provides for maximum safety as participants learn and internalize concepts such as:

• problem-solving   • leadership skills   • communication   • self-confidence

. . . and so much more! We truly believe this will bless the lives of the young, and the not-so-young. 


Are you on social media? Then let's connect!

We'd love to have you join our Facebook Group, where we post about upcoming events and meetings where you and your friends can learn more about what we're doing! It's a great and easy way to help spread the word!


We are ready to place orders with Sol-Ark for our solar systems! 

If you have any questions or want to submit an order for our next shipment, please contact Philip Gleason at philip@osrgreen.com or call him directly at (801) 310-1947.


Have a great week! - The AOSR Team
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