The thought of being self-reliant resonates with many of us. Yet, for some, when they start to take it seriously and share their desires with family and others, they come away disheartened or fearful often pulling back. Our society has a natural tendency to discredit or tear down ideas that are not considered mainstream. I do not believe that our society is bad for this reason, maybe misinformed. More likely, our society is just resistant to change. Because of this resistance, we find ourselves letting go of our beliefs that could change our course for the better.

Belief anchored to truth is mankind’s most powerful tool. On one hand, it can weather the storms of eternity, yet it can be destroyed by allowing a thought or a single word to undermine it. Belief, whether in one’s self, a project, or a passion, must be protected, just as you would protect any important aspect of one’s life. Our belief is the one thing that we have as individuals, that can shape our future. The question is, “How badly do you want it?” 

If you determine that a belief is really of no consequence, then it is easy to let go of it. If your family or peers challenge your belief, again it is easy to let go if you do not hold that belief important. However, if you believe that irreparable harm will come to your child or grandchild if you don’t do something, then that belief can provide the desire to do whatever it takes to protect family members from harm. Too often we let others weaken our belief in a course of action, even when we know failure to act will hurt us and possibly others. 

If you know that certain financial disruptive events will happen, but you don’t know when should you just give up preparing because of some pushback or peer pressure? I cannot answer that for you or your family. However, ask yourself, will it be sufficient compensation when it does happen, to say to them that you told them so?  I think not.  

Belief in yourself and your course of action takes a significant understanding of what it is you want to achieve. There will be times when obstacles need to be surmounted and challenges met. However, by surrounding ourselves with other like-minded individuals and families we will continue to succeed. I encourage you to nurture your belief in becoming self-reliant. Protect it from those that either don’t understand or don’t believe.

God speed,
Philip J. Gleason



What exactly are micro-greens?

What kind of space do I need?

How much time and effort would it require?

What are the benefits?

You've got questions, and we've got answers! So, come join us!


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Have you heard? We're building a ropes course!

The Academy OSR Ropes Course will offer a unique series of team-building exercises that will have a variety of activities and programs that will challenge you, your friends, family, coworkers, and teammates to master challenges and conquer fears.

This state-of-the-art facility incorporates a continuous belay system that provides for maximum safety as participants learn and internalize concepts such as:

• problem-solving   • leadership skills   • communication   • self-confidence

. . . and so much more! We truly believe this will bless the lives of the young, and the not-so-young. 


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This is not a commitment to purchase at this time.  We are only getting a list of potential buyers. 

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